isn’t batman and alfred

basically just droog and scratch 



yes it is

also im sorry 

for having worried you

and also for being really stupid 


I will come see you, Sleuth.

But I’m not looking…much like myself right now.




no he kinda did those on his own but it felt nice so i let him continue 

visiting him was my idea though and none of this wouldve happened if i hadnt




It’s not your fault, Sleuth.

He is a conniving snake. He often gets what he wants.

Be more careful around him, Sleuth.



oh god, droog

you dont have to apologise for anything because this is my fault!


Did you really start it?

Did you ask him to preen your feathers? Seduce him into playing with your hair?



yeah but then i panicked because being naked is horrifying and i put my clothes back on as soon as i could move again

to answer a potential follow-up question: yes, i did see your dick


I am so sorry.



no he didnt hurt me and im still alive 

i started it either way though so if anything did happen id have only myself to blame 

he preened my feathers and played with my hair and called me adorable a lot


He can be very charming when he needs to be.

Did…you two get naked?


ok but i warned you


flamare and i got rather


with each other

for a little bit

but… um

we didnt actually have sex or anything………. just


Terrors be!

Did he hurt you? What did he do? Are you okay?


you dont want to hear it

at least

not in the state youre in right now

But I will have to hear it eventually.

It’s better just to tell me now.


i dont

i dont think right now is a good time to discuss it 

Just tell me, Sleuth.


youre sorry?

im sorry!

What’s wrong, Sleuth?